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AgriSafe represents health professionals and educators who strive to reduce health disparities in the agricultural community. We believe agricultural injuries, diseases, and fatalities can be prevented through the effective delivery of agricultural occupational health services. Farmers and ranchers are at increased risk for various health challenges, including respiratory diseases, hearing loss, stress,  anxiety, disabling injuries, and others.  AgriSafe has created a page of Spanish language resources to meet the needs of diverse groups working in agriculture.  Please visit frequently as this page will be continuously updated.

10569Consejos y trucos para dormir mejor

30 tips in Spanish for getting better sleep at night.

English Title: Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep

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8705Diferencia Entre La Prueba De Ajuste Y La Comprobación Del Sello Del Usuario

The purpose of this Spanish language guide is to help individuals better understand the difference between a Fit Test and a User Seal Check.
English Title: Knowing the Difference: Fit Test vs User Seal Check

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9539Directrices provisionales para proteger a los trabajadores contra el lodo y las aguas residuales de las actividades ganaderas y avícolas, durante y después de las inundaciones

The purpose of this Spanish language guidance is to protect workers from illnesses and injuries associated with livestock and poultry wastewater and sludge from animal feeding operations during and after floods.
English Title: Interim Guidance for Protecting Workers from Livestock and Poultry Wastewater and Sludge During and After Floods

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12116El mes de la salud mental de las personas BIPOC

Mental Health America (MHA) develops a public education campaign dedicated to addressing the mental health needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).
English Title: BIPOC Mental Health Toolkit

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11425Guía Para La Selección De Respirador Agrícola

A guide on selecting the right respirator for the right job.
English Title: Agricultural Respirator Selection Guide

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8894Idioma de las Personas Primero

Person first language is a way of speaking that is emphasizes a person’s wholeness, while maintaining respect for an illness, condition, or experience. This is a Spanish language guide on how to use person first language in reference to mental health.
English Title: Person First Language

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9366Listos para trabajar

Poses to improve muscle strength and flexibility – examples given in farm settings.
English Title: Ready to Farm

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9387Protección contra el estrés por calor para trabajadores

There are precautions that can be taken anytime temperatures are high and the job involves physical work.
English Title: Protecting Workers – Heat Stress Quick Card

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9391Protéjase del humo de incendios forestales

Learn steps to get informed about wildfires and protect yourself.
English Title: Breathe Easy: Protect Yourself from Wildland Fire Smoke

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8421Riesgos de la salud reproductiva femenina en la agricultura

A Spanish language guide designed to help women protect their reproductive health when working in agriculture.
English Title: Reproductive Health Exposures for Women in Agriculture

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8673Salud Mental y el Impacto en el Bienestar de las Familias de Agricultores

A Spanish language resource to be shared with everyone involved in agriculture focusing on mental health.
English Title: Mental Health and Its Impact on Farm Families

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9375Soluciones Simples: Ergonomía Para Trabajadores Agrícolas

This Spanish language guide shows simple changes agricultural workers can make to improve ergonomics.
English Title: Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers

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10566Tempora de cambios | Usted se Queda: Kit de herramientas profesionales para el estrés estacional

This Spanish language Mental Health Resources social media toolkit serves the following goals: (1) create a cohesive, clear, understandable message promoting mental health topics and resources for AFF workers during the various seasons (2) increase engagement on farm safety and health social media platforms (3) disseminate resources about mental health for AFF workers.
English Title: Seasons Change | You Remain: Promotional Toolkit for Seasonal Stress

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9373Una Guía para la Selección de Herramientas de Mano No-Energizadas

CDC resource guide in Spanish on non-powered hand tools.

English Title: A Guide to Selecting Non-Powered Hand Tools

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