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Interested in supporting the work of AgriSafe?

Donations to AgriSafe will help further the work of protecting the people who feed the world. Ninety (90%) percent of every donation will go directly to programs that serve people working in agriculture. Your donations can be earmarked for a specific program or distributed across initiatives. No donation is too small.

Current Mental Health Initiatives Needing Your Support


Support Healthcare Professional Training to Improve Agricultural Mental Health Care FarmResponse is a training module developed by public health experts in the field of agriculture. This unique training improves the cultural competencies of healthcare professionals working in hotline, emergency, or primary care services. Your donation provides financial support for a national rollout marketing campaign and instruction.

Cultivating a Healthy MindSM Curriculum

Support Agricultural Health and Safety Youth Training. AgriSafe offers free Invest in Your Health curriculum for agricultural educators on six modules which includes our newest addition on mental wellbeing “Cultivating a Healthy Mind”. We believe that teens should be taught how to identify stress that is unhealthy and coping skills to last into adulthood. AgriSafe provides the Train the Trainer course instruction, training materials, and classroom content all in one location. Your donation supports the training of agricultural educators in rural classrooms across the country.

National Mental Health Hotline for Agricultural Producers

Support the launch of a groundbreaking national agricultural hotline. The AgriSafe crisis hotline has been designed by a twenty-five-partner organization to be the first comprehensive agricultural hotline model to provide mental health crisis response. In addition to a 24/7 national and US territory coverage, the hotline will offer text features with the ability to respond in 160 languages. The hotline will be staffed by mental health professionals trained to respond appropriately to our agricultural community. Your donation will contribute to erasing the stigma of mental challenges, emphasize the importance of seeking help and will move the needle toward mental wellbeing for agricultural communities one call at a time. Launch date for hotline is January 2022.

Tax Information: The AgriSafe Network is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the AgriSafe Network are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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