Directrices provisionales para proteger a los trabajadores contra el lodo y las aguas residuales de las actividades ganaderas y avícolas, durante y después de las inundaciones

The purpose of this Spanish language guidance is to protect workers from illnesses and injuries associated with livestock and poultry wastewater and sludge from animal feeding operations during and after floods.
English Title: Interim Guidance for Protecting Workers from Livestock and Poultry Wastewater and Sludge During and After Floods

Listos para trabajar

Poses to improve muscle strength and flexibility – examples given in farm settings.
English Title: Ready to Farm

Idioma de las Personas Primero

Person first language is a way of speaking that is emphasizes a person’s wholeness, while maintaining respect for an illness, condition, or experience. This is a Spanish language guide on how to use person first language in reference to mental health.
English Title: Person First Language