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We know you work hard to get the best care and resources to your patients and clients. Let AgriSafe boost your expertise and knowledge about the factors that impact people working in agriculture. Whether you’re a nurse seeking continuing education, an extension educator looking for teaching materials, or just curious about agriculture, we have something for you.

Total Farmer Health

AgriSafe’s Total Farmer Health® philosophy is the basis by which services are designed. The Total Farmer Health® diagram is a visual representation of the variety of factors that can cause stress and physical harm for the farmer. Reducing adverse outcomes requires a multipronged public health response. Explore the icons to the left for more information.

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Promote your learning to your colleagues with AgriSafe’s new digital badges.

Continuing Education

Learn more about continuing education offered by AgriSafe Network.


Work with AgriSafe! Learn more about internship opportunities for graduate students.

Learning Lab

The AgriSafe Learning Lab is the pre-eminent source for learning in agricultural safety and health.

Health Hub

Farmers and Ranchers navigate a variety of occupational risks. Find trusted health information in the AgriSafe Health Hub.

Nurse Scholar

20 hours of CNE are offered for this deep dive into improving rural and agricultural nursing practice.

AgriStress Response® Network

A group of ag professionals committed to sharing resources to reduce farmer and rancher stress.

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