AgriSafe Team

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   Natalie Roy, MPH

 Executive Director

As Executive Director of AgriSafe for over nineteen years, Natalie utilizes her public health training to improve the quality of health care offered to farm families. Natalie leads national initiatives to reduce health disparities common among agricultural communities. She promotes the integration of agricultural occupational health within primary care as a strategy to serve the health care needs of farmers and ranchers. Natalie is pleased to work in the area of agricultural health as it relates to her experience growing up on a farm in Canterbury, New Hampshire. 

Phone: 985-845-1116
Email: [email protected]




Knesha Rose-Davison, MPH
Public Health Program Director

Knesha provides health communication content, leadership, implementation, and coordination of AgriSafe initiatives. She is the staff lead for three programmatic areas which include worker safety training (OSHA), Invest in Your Health and healthcare provider targeted opioid misuse prevention trainings.  Her work involves health education and promotion, program delivery and evaluation for the agricultural community and other rural health partners.

Phone: 985-327-1627
Email: [email protected]

    Charlotte Halverson, BSN, COHN-S

Clinical Director

Charlotte is a certified occupational health nurse with a background in management and delivery of business and community health services. In her role with AgriSafe, she develops educational resources and trainings for rural health care providers, community based and membership organizations. Active in several professional organizations, Charlotte works to promote agricultural health and safety at state, regional and national levels.

Email: [email protected]

    Stacey Jenkins, BS

Online Learning Director

Stacey is passionate about keeping people healthy and believes empowering people to make choices leads to change. Stacey had the privilege of working at the University of MN as an Extension Educator and Grants Research Coordinator at NECAS before joining AgriSafe in 2008. Stacey's current responsibilities include guiding improvements to AgriSafe's Learning Lab and website as well as building and maintaining relationships with content experts from across the field of agricultural safety and health.

Email: [email protected]

    Linda Emanuel, RN

Community Health Nurse

Linda engages with the agriculture community as a health care advocate and educator.  She develops webinars, on-site presentations, and resources to enhance learning in health and safety topics for the agricultural workforce.  She promotes this work on a state, regional and national level.  Her passion as an agriculture producer and co-proprietor of her three-generation Nebraska family farm enables her to act as a liaison between research and practice and drives her work to address the ever changing needs of this population.  

Email: [email protected]


Ansley Fey, MPH
Program Manager

Ansley is responsible for the day to day management of the AgriSafe Learning Lab and advancing our membership benefits and partnerships. She assists staff in public health communications including the monthly newsletter and social media outlets.

Phone: 985-327-1748
Email: [email protected]