Respiratory Health

Respirator Program Adapted to Agriculture
The primary goal of this webinar is to highlight the components of an effective respiratory protection program for the agricultural workplace.  The intended audience for this presentation includes healthcare professionals who provide care in agricultural communities and business owners, managers, and workers in production agriculture. Participants will learn to:
  • Recognize the diverse respiratory hazards unique to agricultural and the justification for a comprehensive respiratory program.
  • Identify the OSHA respirator standards that apply to an agricultural setting.
  • Understand  key components of an effective respiratory protection program
  • Access resources, templates, medical evaluations, and further trainings to effectively implement a respiratory program.


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Respirator Selection for Agricultural Producers
Providing adequate protection from the multiple respiratory hazards in production agriculture can be a difficult process. The Selection of Respiratory Protective Equipment program will help clarify that process and remove some of the guess work. This presentation can be tailored to the needs of agricultural workers, managers and business owners, as well as health care professionals.
The program will:
  • Present an overview of agricultural respiratory exposures
  • Discuss the various types of respiratory protection
  • Discuss respiratory protection for specific hazards (examples – grain, cotton, hog, cattle, poultry, etc.).
  • Present reliable resources such as NIOSH labeling, OSHA resources, and the AgriSafe Respirator Selection Guide.

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