Health and Safety Issues of the Aging Farmer

This webinar introduces the unique aspects of health and safety for aging farmers and their families. We will cover this topic using a Total Worker Health lens; that is, how health relates to work, family, and all aspects of the farmer’s life. This program will equip you with a skill set to apply to olderRead More

Proactive and Reactive Society: Focus on Rural Mental Health

Stress and anxiety over things we have no control over can overwhelm us to the point where we have no energy left to focus on the things we do have control over. Being 5% healthier may not seem like much of an improvement however, it's still better than the alternative which is no improvement. ThatRead More

How Mediation Can Help Farmers

Summary: Farming is a livelihood and a tradition for many families. It has its rewards, but also its unique risks and pressures. Those may stem from the markets, the weather, financial arrangements, family, neighbors, government regulations and more. Conflicts that arise when farming and its support systems fail to mesh add to the stress. How farmersRead More

Aging and Parkinson’s Disease in Agriculture

Summary: Parkinson's disease impacts over one million people living in the United States. People living in rural areas may not have access to specialists and getting diagnosis may be difficult. Rural health care providers and agricultural professionals need to develop an awareness of this neurodegenerative disorder and understand the effects on agricultural work. Participants will learnRead More

Webinar: More than Milk: Strong Bones and Injury Prevention for Aging Women in Ag

Summary: Do farmers or ranchers really retire? Generational family operations frequently include the aging parents, the living legends of agriculture. Farmers and ranchers self-identify good health with the ability to work. The normal aging process slows down one’s ability to engage in meaningful activities physically and mentally, essentially to continue working. Swirl in the postmenopausalRead More

Webinar: Fall Prevention in Older Adults

Summary: Falls by older adults are common and usually multifactorial. Falls are associated with functional decline. Prevention of falls in older adults is better than treatment. Screening for fall risk factors is essential to create customized preventive interventions and is very effective. Falls prevention guidelines by different health organizations and their recommendation for multifactorial interventionsRead More