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    Finance Resources

    Financial stress is a common concern among agricultural producers. The unpredictable nature of farming leaves financial solvency vulnerable to weather, disasters, economics, or a pandemic. Financial instability can cause mental stress, anxiety, and/or depression for the farmer and their family. Unexpected disasters or hardships often increase a persons risk for suicidal thoughts, ideation, and attempts.

    For the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, dial 988 or use the Live Online Chat.

    Access to expertise in financial management, risk analysis, mediation, and federal assistance programs is critical for the producer’s mental health and quality of life. A good understanding of options and strategies can become a lifeline. Preventing or intervening early in financial stress is strategic for a producer’s mental well-being.

    AgriSafe’s library of resources have been carefully selected to assist producers to address financial health. Our Learning Lab houses webinars by agricultural mediation specialists and printable resources. The AgriStress Response® network includes agricultural professionals able to speak to organizations and groups on a range of financial topics.

    Finance Resources

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    Emergency Planning for Farm Operations

    Safety planning is one of the most difficult to justify because you never know the amount of time, money, or lives you are saving for accidents that don’t happen. With more children likely to be on the farm than ever before in history again this Fall, it is even more critical we take action for Emergency Response Planning. Shay Foulk, a Safety Consultant with Ag View Solutions, will speak on how to navigate the difficult conversations, implementation, and sustainability of Emergency Response Planning. No different than any other business, Shay works with farming operations to assess risks, identify solutions, and implement them in a manner that is practical and easy for farms. 

    Promoting Peace of Mind by Addressing Heirs’ Property and Implementing Effective Succession Planning Strategies

    Owning heirs’ property and experiencing the challenges that accompany this means of owning property can have a negative impact on the mental health and well-being of farmers and landowners. These impacts can be especially felt by individuals who make their living from the land. This webinar will help heirs’ property owners and the professionals who support them to understand the challenges that heirs’ property owners face, identify paths toward clearing title, and learn strategies for preventing the occurrence of heirs’ property in the future.

    Tools to Help Manage Financial Risk for Livestock Producers

    Changing climate, market conditions, and many other factors impact the work and health of livestock producers, ranchers, and farmers. When a natural disaster is added on top of other stressors, support from a variety of sources is needed. This webinar will focus on the USDA Disaster Assistance Programs available to support producers who are raising livestock.


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