Tara Jo Maus, BSN, RN,HNB-BC

Program focus: North Dakota

Tara Jo Maus, BSN, RN,HNB-BC, holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Metropolitan State University. Tara is a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association and is a recruitment officer for the Red River Valley Holistic Nurses Associations’ local Chapter. She is a graduate of the clinical health coach training through V-fusion in November of 2023. Her nursing career experience includes pediatric home health, med surgical, geriatrics, women’s and children’s, labor and delivery, clinic family medicine and private practice pediatrics.

After suffering an autoimmune disease diagnosis that resulted in anemia, 3 years of trial medications, infusions, transfusions, hospitalization and a trip to Mayo Clinic, Tara took the reins on her health. She turned to a holistic lifestyle for whole-person healing. On her road to healing/health she studied and became a board-certified holistic nurse. She embraced daily gratitude practices, reflexology, craniosacral massage, guided imagery, healing touch, red light therapy, and other healing practices.

Tara lives in Bismarck, ND with her husband, Jordan Maus, their son, Charlie (9), their daughter Vayda (4). They enjoy camping, taking scenic drives on the 4 wheeler, DIY projects, movies, visiting family and grooving to their favorite music. Tara grew up in rural Selz, ND, and graduated from Harvey High School in 2002. Her hope is that she can help others with chronic diseases and those suffering from mental health to find their path to healing and better health.