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Dawn Dubose

Program focus: program operations

Carey Portell

Communication Specialist

Program focus: community health

Headshot of Lynnie standing beside a tree

Lynnie Smith

Executive Assistant

Olivia Bury

QPR Coordinator

Program focus: QPR, Mental Health

Headshot of Cindy Lowe, standing in front of a tree and wooden fence.

Cindy Lowe, RN, BSN, Certified Public Health Nurse

Program focus: Wyoming

Charlotte Halverson, BSN, COHN-S

Program focus: Iowa

Headshot of Sheila

Sheila Davis, R.N., APRN, LPC. MS Psychiatric Mental Health Licensed Professional Counselor

Program focus: Wyoming

Headshot of Linda, standing in front of field.

Linda Emanuel, R.N., Ag Producer

Program focus: Kansas and Nebraska

Headshot of Athena Ramos

Athena K. Ramos, PhD, MBA, MS, CPM

University of Nebraska Medical Center & Central States Center for Agricultural Safety & Health

Headshot of Jose Perez


The Wonderful Company

Headshot of Vanessa, CSP

Vanessa Galvan, CSP, AFIS

Zenith Insurance Company

Headshot of Sebastian Galindo

Sebastian Galindo, PhD – Secretary

University of Florida

Headshot of Teresa Andrews

Teresa Andrews, MS

Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety at UC-Davis

Jena Ziemba, RN, BSN

Great Plains Health

Headshot of Ashlee Then

Ashlee Then

National Education Center for Agricultural Safety

Headshot of Marie Reed

Marie Reed, BSN, RN

Amy Rademaker

Carle Center for Rural Health and Farm Safety

Amber Adams Progar, PhD

Washington State University

Shari Kuther, RN

St. Mary’s Clearwater Valley Hospital

Marsha Salzwedel, Ed.D

National Farm Medicine Center

Mary Kay Nissen, DNP, ARNP, FNP-BC, COHN-S

Shenandoah Medical Center

Neil Mylet

Mylet Farms

Kay Miller Temple, MD

Rural Health Information Hub

Wendell G. Miley

Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation

Daniel Lee

Loss Control Consultant, Agri-Services Agency