Charlotte Halverson, BSN, RN, COHN-S

Program focus: Iowa

Last updated on September 23rd, 2022 at 04:56 pm

Charlotte Halverson serves as the clinical director for AgriSafe and leads the Nurse Scholar program. She brings a background in hospital critical care and emergency services as well as rural outreach and faith community nursing program development and management. Charlotte was part of the team that developed the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety and served as their clinical services manager for seventeen years. Her primary focus with AgriSafe is the education and professional development programming for healthcare providers through webinars and the development the rural Nurse Scholar continuing education project. This educational program is directed toward nurses and nursing educators in rural communities and provides a broad picture of the challenges that face agricultural workers and their families. Online and on- demand, this ANCC approved continuing education program is delivered by educators and clinicians in rural practice across the country. The health and safety of older adults and youth in the agricultural environment remains a major concern for her as well as the occupational health needs of minority working populations. These issues underscore her belief in the value and impact of the Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach initiative. Under that umbrella, the AgHRA, an online agricultural health risk appraisal tool, is available for production ag workers to implement in evaluating their personal health and safety status. Initially developed in 2010, it is now updated and revised.
Charlotte is an RN diploma graduate of Mercy School of Nursing and received her BSN from the University of Dubuque. She is a certified occupational health nurse specialist. She currently serves on a variety of rural health boards and committees. Her work in the rural health arena began in 1986 as an outreach program developer and manager and transitioned to a rural occupational health and safety focus following completion of an occupational agricultural medicine course at the University of Iowa. She is certified in hearing conservation and spirometry delivery and evaluation.