Invest in Your Health: Cultivating a Healthy Mind

Summary: Stigma exists across all age groups for those struggling with mental health. Navigation of the teen years in everyday situations can create angst and uncomfortable feelings that are difficult to express. Adding mental illness and mental crisis to a teen or young adult’s typical growth and development makes struggling with emotions, relationships, academic success, andRead More

NFSHW 2021: Food in the Field

Summary: With 18+ hour workdays, the stress of the weather, dealing with markets and policies, and limited nutritious, one-handed dining options, it is easy to put healthy eating on the back burner during the busy seasons of harvest and planting. Food in the Field is an online nutrition program seeking to nutritiously feed those whoRead More

NFSHW 2021: Pediatric Farm-Related Injuries: Safeguarding Children Who Visit or Live on Farms

Summary: Injuries are the most common cause of death for children and adolescents, and farms and ranches present many unique hazards to youth. During this presentation, we will discuss many of these including augers, grain bins, gravity boxes, tractors, power take-offs (PTOs), manure pits, chemical exposures, animals, and gasoline-powered pressure sprayers. One of the mostRead More

Total Farmer Health Coach Virtual Hiring Event

The healthcare field is rapidly evolving. AgriSafe Network is keeping pace by using the skills and knowledge of healthcare professionals who have the desire to serve our nation’s farmers and ranchers. This 30-minute presentation will discuss the role, responsibilities and expectations of a Total Farmer Health Coach. Our training program will provide the tools andRead More

Webinar: Agricultural Organic Dust Exposure and COVID-19 Infection

Summary: By the end of 2021, COVID-19 has caused over 51 million infections and 805,000 deaths in the US. Pre-existing lung disease, such as COPD, has been linked to more severe COVID-19 symptoms and poor outcomes. Prior research has shown that agricultural workers, especially those working in livestock production, have an increased risk for inflammatoryRead More

National Farmworker Women’s Health Week

WHAT IS NFWHW? National Farmworker Women’s Health Week is a public awareness campaign aimed at increasing public consciousness and understanding of the health risks farmworker women face, and as an extension, their families from working in the fields. WHEN IS NFWHW? NFWHW will be celebrated from May 15-21, 2022. NFWHW PURPOSE Raise awareness about theRead More

Webinar: Implementing Community-Led Interventions with Gulf Coast Seafood Workers

Summary: The University of Texas Medical Branch conducted semi-structured interviews and observations with Gulf Coast shrimp fishermen to understand their healthcare experiences and needs as well as policies that are impacting their health. Community-based participatory research (CBPR), a relational model that values the participants as equal partners in research, dissemination, and implementation, guided the interviews.Read More

Agricultural Safety and Health Course for Medical and Safety Professionals

The Agricultural Health and Safety Course for Medical and Safety Professionals is designed to examine key health and safety issues specific to rural and agricultural workers. Experts will present course material relevant to those working in health care, public health, education, and safety professions. Course Dates Session A: Agricultural Health — July 12-13, 2022 Session B: Agricultural SafetyRead More

Webinar: Talking About Ticks- Lyme Disease

Summary: As people spend more time outdoors, so do many insects and pests. Among them are ticks, which are small bloodsucking insects. The deer tick (also known as the black-legged tick) is found mainly in the Eastern and upper Midwestern regions of the U.S. It can cause conditions such as Lyme disease – the mostRead More