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The future of asthma monitoring

With so many pollutants indoors and outdoors, determining what triggers asthma in children is not easy. Now, NIH-supported researchers are developing technology to help identify those triggers more easily. NewRead More

Head shot of Stavros Garantziotis, M.D.

Understanding asthma from the inside out

Three NIH institutes fund asthma studies to improve treatment and learn more about what causes this widespread illness: the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID); the National Heart,Read More

Sylvia Granados-Maready, right, pictured with her newborn son, Peter Ernesto, and her sister, Sandra.

Don’t let asthma define you

When Sylvia Granados-Maready was born, she was diagnosed with asthma. To this day, Sylvia lives with asthma without letting it define her. “All my life, I’ve had asthma,” she said.Read More

Jeff Long with his son Noah, wife Deb, and daughter Gabi.

A lifelong asthma struggle

Jeff Long, Ph.D., can hardly remember a time when he didn’t suffer from serious asthma. Jeff, who is now in his 50s, started experiencing symptoms when he was just aRead More