Crisis Support for Agricultural Communities

Become a Partner of the AgriStress Helpline!

You might be wondering how you can help our ag, fishing, and forestry workers… Well, you can do so in a few different ways! We’ve split some ideas and examples into two categories – individuals and organizations.

Coming soon: an AgriStress Helpline partner badge, so you can show that you care about the mental health and wellbeing of the people who feed the world.

Promote the AgriStress Helpline in Your State!

Find state specific digital materials for download or request free print materials from AgriSafe.

Fund the AgriStress Helpline!

Help us protect the people who feed the world. Your donation can help us reach our goal to make the helpline national, so that ag, fishing, and forestry workers across the nation can access mental health services that cater to their needs.

How can individuals help?

  • Share the AgriStress Helpline materials on social media and talk about it with your neighbors!
  • Encourage your local businesses, agencies, and organizations to display print materials that advertise the AgriStress Helpline!
  • Show that you appreciate and support your farmers and ranchers – give them thanks. This can be done by sending them a thank-you card, by talking to them about the weather, by waving kindly at tractors and other ag vehicles, by buying fresh and eating local, or by going to your local farmers market and getting to know them. Whatever’s comfortable for you.
  • Promote policy changes that support mental health programs in your area.
  • Speak openly and kindly about mental health and wellness in your community.
  • If you have concerns about someone you care about, call FOR them. Find and share resources with them.
  • Display the AgriStress Response partner badge on your email signature line or LinkedIn page.

How can organizations help? (corporations, state agencies, nonprofits, foundations, local businesses, etc.)

  • Provide financial support – make a donation to help make the AgriStress Helpline national.
  • Share the AgriStress Helpline materials across your platforms to increase awareness.
  • Use showrooms/stores/offices to display flyers, handouts, and other marketing materials.
  • Create policies and initiatives to support AgriSafe’s mission (protecting the people who feed the world).
  • Display the AgriStress Response partner badge on your website.