Female farmer in empty field

“…felt like there were no options other than dealing with their situation alone…”

It’s easy and exciting to share the successes that happen on the farm, but what happens when investments and opportunities don’t pan out like we hope and envision? It leads to feeling lost, isolated, and helpless.  That is what this farmer experienced, they felt defeated, hopeless and like they had nowhere else to turn to; so after a quick Google search, this farmer picked up the phone and reached out to the AgriStress Helpline. 

This farmer felt like they had to reap the consequences of their unfruitful investments and bear the burden of figuring out how to make it through a crop season without crops, they felt like there were no options other than dealing with their situation alone.  Many farmers share this same concern, feeling like they can’t turn to friends or family without being seen as a failure, so they often try to handle uniquely difficult situations on their own, and they shouldn’t have to.  

During their call with the AgriStress Helpline, the farmer and counselor were able to collaboratively come up with a few different ways for this farmer to cope with their unique situation.  Some of the resources they came up with were things that the farmer never thought of doing on their own, and didn’t realize were an option for them.  While each and every farmer’s stressors are different, a call to the AgriStress Helpline may be a way to talk through resources, both internal and external, so you don’t feel like you have to carry the burden alone.   

Crisis Support for Agricultural Communities

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