People call the AgriStress Helpline for different reasons – whether they are in a crisis, or need resources, or are concerned about a loved one.

We wanted to share our impact, while respecting the privacy of our callers. So, we have provided anonymized summaries of why people called and how we helped. Check them out:

“They felt like the farm had become a burden and there were no options left for them.”

Read a Farmer’s Story

“They were struggling to keep up with the rising costs of cattle feed and the increased cost to bring in water due to severe drought…”

Read a Rancher’s Story

“They were frustrated and confused with their work and place in the agriculture field.”

Read an Ag Worker’s Story

“They were concerned for a close relative who owns a ranch and was struggling to keep up financially.”

Read a Close Relative’s Story

They had an unfruitful season and “felt like there were no options other than dealing with their situation alone.”

Read Sharing is Not a Burden

Crisis Support for Agricultural Communities

Now available in Connecticut, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wyoming!
If you or someone you know is struggling, call or text 833-897-2474.