Vicente Rico

Senior Consultant, Product Development, Agribusiness Innovative Solutions

Vicente (vee-SEN-tay) Rico

Senior Consultant, Product Development

Vicente has over 25 years of customer support and insurance experience, recently celebrating 15 years of service with Nationwide.  He had the opportunity to lead within Property and Casualty insurance, including establishing strong skills in claim support and risk management, and is now part of the Nationwide Agribusiness business unit. Vicente’s current responsibilities include exploring innovative protection solutions with a focus on minimizing risk and enhancing operational performance through partnership with the leading agritech companies in market. These partnerships provide discounted solutions and create invaluable awareness for Nationwide customers.

Vicente serves on a variety of Associate Resource Groups within Nationwide where he contributes to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and trainings.

Outside of work, Vicente resides in Grimes, IA with his wife Kelly and their daughter, Matayah, where they enjoy traveling and spending time with family as often as possible.