Webinar: A Bird’s Eye View of Avian Influenza

Summary: In this short webinar, you will learn about the basics of avian influenza, learn about the HPAI outbreak in 2022, how outbreak control works, and what people should do if they suspect a bird is potentially ill with avian influenza. Intended Audience: Poultry producers, health care providers, veterinarians, Extension and university staff, farmers and growers,Read More

Webinar: Talking About Ticks- Lyme Disease

Summary: As people spend more time outdoors, so do many insects and pests. Among them are ticks, which are small bloodsucking insects. The deer tick (also known as the black-legged tick) is found mainly in the Eastern and upper Midwestern regions of the U.S. It can cause conditions such as Lyme disease – the mostRead More

National Farmworker Women’s Health Week

Brought to you by the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, National Farmworker Women’s Health Week is a public awareness campaign aimed at increasing public consciousness and understanding of the health risks farmworker women face, and as an extension, their families from working in the fields.