Webinar: Using a Total Worker Health/Total Farmer Health Approach to Assessing Ag Worker Wellbeing

Summary: In the San Luis Valley, Colorado – community leaders have voiced increasing concern for the behavioral health of workers in the agriculture industry. Using Total Worker Health® and Total Farmer Health® frameworks, we developed an interactive worker wellbeing assessment. Approximately 118 participants responded to our survey with a completion rate adequate for analysis. ThisRead More

Webinar: Non-Allergic Respiratory Hazards in Farming and Agricultural Environments: Recognition and Prevention (Cost: $30, FREE for premium members)

Summary: The webinair will address non-allergic respiratory hazards (dusts, mists, fumes, and gases) affecting agricultural worker, farmers, and farm families living and working in agricultural environments. The focus will be recognizing and preventing environmental and occupational exposures that may result in morbidity and mortality resulting from unprotected or unrecognized respiratory hazards. An overview of theRead More