Respiratory Protection Issues in Agriculture – What to Wear & Does It Fit?

The business of agriculture presents a myriad of hazards, including exposures to dusts, molds, pesticides and other chemicals, gases, as well as welding fumes and particles. Deciding what protection to use to prevent acute and chronic respiratory diseases is confusing. In addition, just finding the right protective gear can be a challenge. This webinar will address those issues and provide information on the importance of fit testing and fit (seal) checks.

Intended Audience: agricultural production workers, including female workers, and agricultural business managers

At the end of this webinar participants will be able to: 1. Identify appropriate respiratory protection equipment for work in agriculture
2. Understand the difference between a respirator fit test and a fit check (seal check) procedure.
3. Determine who should be fit tested for respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE)
4. Know who can perform a fit test and what tools are necessary for a fit test procedure
5. Locate current reliable resources that provide information on respiratory PPE

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Categories: Personal Protective Equipment, Pesticide & Chemical Safety, Respiratory Health