Protecting and Promoting the Health of Young Agricultural Workers: The Role of Employers and Supervisors

Summary: There are many benefits for hiring youth in agriculture, including the development of job skills, increased self-esteem, responsibility, and earned income. However, adolescents and young adults working in agriculture (under 25 years old) are at increased risk for occupational injuries. In addition to traditional workplace hazards, developmental differences (both physical and cognitive), inexperience, fatigue, and distracted behaviors increase the risk of injury. Employers and supervisors play an active role in protecting these workers. Communicating effectively with young workers about health and safety hazards that impact injury risk is key to protecting this population. This webinar will describe specific skills and practices that can be implemented in the workplace, on family farms, and in agricultural classrooms.

Intended Audience: Employers, Parents, Educators

At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:
– Identify risk factors that increase injury risk among adolescents and young adults.
– Recognize the role that supervisors (i.e., employers, parents, educators) play in protecting young workers.
– Identify resources that can be used to address both traditional and non-traditional workplace hazards.
– Apply communication skills and workplace practices that can be utilized in the workplace, on the family farm, or in agricultural classrooms.

Categories: Equipment Safety, Young Farmers