Mental Health Innovations in Agricultural Communities

Summary: This session is a panel presentation that communicates a forward vision addressing disparities in agricultural mental health. The presenters will explore the development of a farmer specific hotline, the efforts of a state department of agriculture, and suggested strategies to address a central objective-to meet the mental health needs of ALL agricultural producers and their families. This session is designed to spark discussion, ideas, collaborations between community and governmental groups to thoughtfully build a mental health safety net across cultures.

Intended Audience: Ag producers, farmers, ranchers, farm families, rural and ag community members, rural and ag policy makers, health and safety professionals

Objectives: At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to…

1. Describe diverse, cultural characteristics of rural and agricultural communities to inform innovation in mental health.

2. Understand the scope of work required to develop a farmer specific hotline.

3. Discuss program strategies that could address the gaps of mental health programming.

4. Explore state-level efforts to address disparities in mental health and agriculture.


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