Invest In Your Health – Train the Trainer Course

AgriSafe offers Invest in Your Health Trainer Exchange where educators can be certified to train on six AgriSafe modules (targeted for ages 14-23). AgriSafe provides the course instruction and training materials. Under our open share platform, once certified, educators would be free to use the training materials in their classroom setting. Our end goal is to build the capacity of local agricultural educators, rural health professionals and rural leaders to train young workers.

Currently, AgriSafe offers six training modules:

  1. Say What? Protecting your Hearing
  2. Cover Up! Head to Toe Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Stay Cool! Prevention of Heat Related Illness
  4. Stop Zoonosis it its Tracks- Prevention of Zoonosis
  5. Where Y’at-Using Mapping to Define Hazards in Agriculture
  6. Cultivating a Healthy Mind: Mental Wellness for Youth

Utilizing an open share curriculum model, AgriSafe is expanding access to ag safety and health curriculum to a wide variety of health and safety instructors including parents, teachers and employers.  This curriculum built with a classroom audience in mind, has been utilized in a variety of ways to train youth and new employees in agriculture alike..


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