Crashes Involving Agricultural Vehicles in the Southwest Region

Summary: Motor vehicle crashes are among the top reasons that workers are injured in agriculture. From an occupational safety and health perspective, rural roadways present unique challenges to stakeholders engaged in crash and injury prevention.  This session provides an overview of the key issues relevant to rural roadway safety within the context of agricultural vehicles and logging trucks and proven methods for reducing rural roadway crashes and their severity. In addition, the magnitude of the crash problem and trends will be presented for the Southwest Region (i.e., AR, LA, NM, OK, and TX) using data from the Southwest Agricultural Crash Surveillance System (SW AgCRASH).

Intended Audience: health and safety professionals, farmers, ranchers, ag workers, healthcare providers, and others interested in rural roadway safety

Objectives: At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to…
1.   Describe the frequency of crashes involving agricultural vehicles in the Southwest Regional over time.
2.   Identify the top factors contributing to roadway crashes involving agricultural vehicles in the Southwest Region.
3.   Identity potential countermeasures or ways to reduce crashes involving agricultural vehicles or their severity.

Categories: Equipment Safety