¡Basta! Working Together to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Agricultural Workplace


Workplace sexual harassment (WSH) in agriculture is a persistent and pervasive problem that threatens employees’  safety and well-being  and damages organizational climate and trajectory. Until recently, tailored trainings about WSH and resources specific to the agricultural sector and its audiences were lacking. Over the past several years, researchers and partners with the Pacific Northwest Agriculture Safety and Health (PNASH) Center in Washington State have worked with a number of agricultural and industry stakeholders (e.g. farmworkers, growers, government leaders and agencies, legal experts, advocates, etc.), to explore the nature of WSH and to develop relative education, resources, and training.  While education alone will not stop WSH, it’s an important strategy in a multi-faceted approach to prevention. In this webinar, participants will be introduced to The ¡Basta! Prevent Sexual Harassment in Agriculture training, toolkit, and video. The ¡Basta! training uses an evidence-based, community engaged approach to help employees, HR staff, and growers prevent and address sexual harassment in the agricultural workplace.

Following the session, the learner will be able to:
a. Summarize the scope and nature of workplace sexual harassment in agriculture.
b. Examine multi-level factors that influence sexual harassment in agriculture.
c. Review employer’s and employees’ rights and responsibilities in reporting and addressing workplace sexual harassment.
d. Share effective strategies and interventions that can reduce the threat of workplace sexual harassment and strengthen protocols and reporting mechanisms for employee-victims.

Live interpretation in Spanish will be available for this session.

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