Text equivalent of “Yoga Poster: AgriSafe Yoga”

Each exercise includes a photo of a woman on a farm performing the exercise.

Beginning basic instructions:

When trying these poses, nothing should ever hurt. If there is new or sharp pain, move away from the pose. When you feel ready, slowly ease back into the pose and stop when it feels safe and “good”. Breathe deeply in every pose, pay attention to the full inhale and complete exhale. Always keep a small bend in your knees, never lock them back when legs are straight. Every body will feel different in each pose. Listen to YOUR body.


Spine and shoulders. Sit with one leg straight in front of you and the other knee bent, with foot on the ground. Wrap opposite arm around bent knee and use free arm to support spine by placing it on the ground, behind you. Move in and out of the twist a few times, at first. Exhaling to twist, inhaling to untwist.

Child Pose with Bent Elbows

Hips, knees, back, shoulders, and neck. Woman is sitting on bent legs and leaning forward at the hip. Knees can be wider or closer together. Ease in and out of pose to warm up hips and knees. Head can relax onto ground or onto hands. Arms can be wherever is most comfortable.

Standing Down Dog

Shoulders, back, and backs of legs. Start by standing close to a bin, wall, or table, with hands on bin or wall or table. Slowly walk backwards, leaving hands out in front of you. Keep leaning chest toward ground until you feel a comfortable stretch in the shoulders and backs of legs.

Standing Lunge

Hips, hip flexors, calves, heels, and feet. Stretch one leg behind you, keeping it straight and with the foot on the ground, with the heel lifted. Bend the other leg at an almost ninety-degree angle. Make sure front knee stays directly over ankle (should be able to see toes). Use a garden tool [woman is using a shovel] to help with balance, or practice next to a chair or wall for support.

Eagle Arms

Shoulders and upper back. Cross arms at elbows and bring backs of hands together. If shoulders are flexible enough, you may be able to wrap arms around so palms of hands can come together. Experiment with lifting elbows and moving hands away from face to deepen stretch between shoulder blades.

Cow Face Arm

Triceps and shoulders. Lift one arm straight up, then bend elbow so hand comes behind the head. Grab the elbow with other hand and gently increase stretch to comfort level.

Side Bend

Side of body and spine. Feet can be side-by-side and flat on ground or one leg can cross over the top of other, with feet on the ground. Lift outside arm and stretch toward tool [woman is using a shovel] or wall. Come in and out of stretch a few times.

Shoulder Stretch with Shovel

Shoulders, pectorals, and upper back. Hold onto a tool, such as a shovel, with both hands. Arms can be as wide as is comfortable. Lift tool above head, then slightly back. Elbows can bend. Stop and breathe where it feels good. Can eventually deepen stretch or twist, as shoulders feel ready. Pull front ribs back toward spine to support low back.

Disclaimer of liability

Injuries of all types can occur when participating in exercise, physical fitness and training programs, hence AgriSafe strongly encourages you to obtain a comprehensive physical examination by a licensed health
professional PRIOR to undertaking any exercise demonstrated on this guide. You fully assume the risk of any resulting injury.

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Funding for this project is provided by the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, NIOSH AFF Grant U54OH010162.