Expert Panel Discussion on Mediation and How It Can Help the Agricultural Community (April 28, 2021)

Summary: Mediation is an option for resolving disputes designed to decrease stress and empower participants. A trained and impartial mediator helps people discuss their dispute by encouraging them to focus on identifying solution options with the goal of them reaching a mutually accepted agreement. Free to low-cost agricultural mediation is available in most states through the USDA Agricultural Mediation Program. Join in on this expert panel discussion on the mediation process and how it can help the agricultural community.

Roundtable Strategies (RTS) and the Florida Agricultural Mediation Program (FAMP) will present an hour-long webinar to build awareness in the agricultural community about the availability of the mediation process to resolve conflict. A panel of three experts (farmer representative, agency representative, and mediator representative) will discuss mediation. The following topics will be covered: a description of their experience with the mediation process, the benefits and limitations of mediation, how mediation differs from other dispute resolution processes, and how participants can get the most out of their mediation session.

Objectives: By the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to…
1. Explain mediation and how it is used.
2. Describe how mediation differs from other dispute resolution processes.
3. Understand the benefits and limitations of the mediation process for resolving disputes.
4. Better prepare for a mediation session.
5. Access and make referrals to available agricultural mediation resources in each state.

Intended Audience: Farmers and organizations that work with farmers.

Presented by: Roundtable Strategies (RTS) is a non-profit organization that administers the Michigan and Florida Agricultural Mediation Programs (MAMP & FAMP). RTS and FAMP are also sub-partners in the Southern Region – Farm and Ranch Stress Assistance Network (S-FRSAN) under the leadership of AgriSafe.

Categories: Mental Health