Developing and Implementing a Pilot Agricultural Community Suicide Prevention Program for Farmers and Farm Families

Summary: This presentation describes a pilot community-based suicide prevention program. Eighteen trainers from various farmer-connected groups such as commodity groups, equipment dealers, farm safety trainers, teachers, ministers, and rural health nurses obtained credentials as QPR (Question-Persuade-Refer) trainers. Over 450 persons were trained from these constituent groups in an 8-month period of time using training materials customized for the farming community. Using a Community of Practice framework challenges and successes in establishing mutual engagement, joint enterprise, a shared repertoire, and meaning in practice. Program revisions and the next steps forward are discussed.

Intended Audience: Agricultural Safety & Health Professionals, Rural Community healthcare workers, social service professionals, Agricultural Extension

Objectives: At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to….

  • Identify unique emotional stressors for farmers and farm families
  • Understand the basic tenets and approach of the QPR Suicide Prevention Program and adaptions that are appropriate for implementation with farmers and farm families
  • Understand useful strategies for identifying community partners to build coalitions to support farmer and farm families to access and utilize support services.
  • Identify elements of the Community of Practice framework for application to the development of community-based farmer mental health support networks.
Categories: Mental Health