AgriSafe State Affiliate - Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition

The Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition is a statewide membership organization committed to ensuring a healthy and safe workforce in Vermont. It consists of farmers, medical practitioners, agricultural professionals, public and behavioral health providers and staff from key state and community agencies.



The Coalition is a Vermont Private Nonprofit Corporation with an active statewide membership which meets four times a year. Members include:

Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets

Addison County Migrant Worker Coalition

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont

Central Vermont Migrant Worker Coalition

Invest EAP- Farm First Program

New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH)

Open Door Clinic

Orleans Veterinary Service

Peoples Health and Wellness Clinic

University of Vermont: Department of Agriculture & Animal Sciences, University Extension

Vermont Center for Independent Living

Vermont Chiropractic Association

Vermont Congressional Delegation

Vermont Department of Health: Office of Rural Health & Primary Care, Climate Change Adaptation, Injury Prevention, Maternal Child Health, Radiological & Toxicological Sciences

Vermont Department of Labor: Project WorkSafe

Vermont Farm Bureau

Veteran Farmers Coalition of Vermont

Vermont Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Training Opportunity
Agricultural Medicine: Occupational and Environmental Health for Rural Health and Safety Professionals

This comprehensive interdisciplinary training provides information and skills to address a wide range of agricultural occupational and environmental health issues. It is designed for: Primary Care and Hospital Emergency Room practitioners, Chiropractors, District EMTs, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Public Health and Department of Labor Specialists, Veterinarians, and other Agricultural Professionals serving rural areas.


Vermont Farm Health and Safety Coalition
c/o Vermont Farm Bureau
117 West Main Street, Richmond, VT 05477
Phone: (802) 434-5646   Fax: (802) 434-6304
Email: [email protected]