Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach

Last updated on September 10th, 2021 at 02:45 pm

Knowing the culture of agriculture is part of the strength of the AgriSafe Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach program. Nurses are part of the glue in rural communities and have credible measure in the individual and family health care journey across all ages. AgriSafe Total Farmer Health Nurse Coaches utilize the nursing process to look at opportunities, issues and concerns of the hard-working farming and ranching population. Together, state centric Nurse Coaches brainstorm with individual communities to come together to achieve solutions via educational outreach programs and resources.

Check out our team of coaches and ask a question.  We know life is busy and we are here to help.

Are you interested in having a Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach in your state or becoming the Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach in your state? Contact Linda Emanuel at AgriSafe for more information.

What can a Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach do?


Nurse Coaches are available for trainings to your organization, community, or employees. Book your state’s nurse coach for conferences, professional development, or other events. If you are interested in a live Continuing Education offering, please contact Linda Emanuel, Total Farmer Health Nurse Coach lead. Our most popular trainings include:

  • Cultivating a Healthy Mind: A young developing mind provides good ground to plant seeds of hope and healthy behaviors. Factor vulnerability appears differently for a young farmer and rancher therefore, the solutions require unique mental wellbeing strategies. Close the gap and learn best practice methods to approach the mental needs of the next generation of agriculturists. Check out this webinar from the AgriSafe Invest in Your Health training series. This training is for those working with people aged 14 to 23.
  • Mental Health in Farm and Ranch Country: How Communities Can Help!: In rural communities, the stigma associated with mental distress is hard to confront. Rural agricultural residents pride themselves as hard-working and dedicated to the land. These characteristics are sometimes in direct conflict with asking for help and self-care, leaving those around them at a loss for words and action. This presentation attempts to use the strengths of rural- self-reliance of communities and being a good neighbor- to frame the conversation of mental health and mental distress. Approaches to community assessment, community resources, and effective training programs to help rural residents craft solutions to grow a community network of mental health neighbors will be shared.
  • QPR for Farmers and Farm Families: High levels of stress and mental health issues have increased suicide rates in farm and ranch country. QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) is a training for lay people to learn the signs of suicidal ideation and to implement a healthy response to the crisis. Tailored for the agriculture producer, this training offers evidence- based solutions to individuals and communities.
  • Season Change, You Remain: The agrarian culture engrained in many farms and ranches drives the physical and mental work to care for the land and livestock. It is tough yet fulfilling long days filled with a variety of stressors unique to the industry. Address the stress, lessen the mental load with tangible solutions via this live virtual or in person training.

Articles, Interviews

Let a Nurse Coach give an interview or write an article for your local newspaper, organization’s newsletter, or blog on a health and safety topic relevant to your community.