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AgriSafe is expanding our team of Total Farmer Health Coaches. Are you a good fit? Attend our webinar to learn more about the program, or fill out the contact form to start the process of becoming a Total Farmer Health Coach.

While we are accepting applications from any state, we have a special need for coaches from Connecticut, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, or Wyoming. Is this you? Apply today!

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AgriSafe hosted an informational webinar on the Total Farmer Health Coach program. Watch the recording to learn more!

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“As a leader I think of myself as more of a connecter. I have always appreciated leaders and educators who were willing to take the time and effort to understand what another person’s perspectives might be. The art of intentional listening is the first and most important tool a Total Farmer Health Coach will need.”

Charlotte Halverson, BSN, COHN-S, Total Farmer Health Coach

What is the role of a Total Farmer Health Coach?

The Total Farmer Health Coach role aims to improve the health of agricultural communities through the dissemination of AgriSafe trainings and resources. The TFH Coach program fosters rapid deployment of health information through a trained TFH Coach. TFH Coaches will have a “toolbox” of AgriSafe approved trainings and resources at their disposal.

Total Farmer Health Coaches are expected to:

  1. train on AgriSafe curriculums
  2. leverage innovative partnerships
  3. improve health literacy
  4. advance their training in agricultural occupational health

Why should I be a Total Farmer Health Coach?

AgriSafe recognizes that agriculture is rapidly evolving and that more “boots on the ground” public health professionals are needed to directly connect with the occupational health needs of farmers and ranchers. If you have a public health or clinical background and a passion to serve your communities, you may be an ideal candidate for our coach program. 

What training will I receive from AgriSafe Network?

Our immersive training program will provide the tools and skills needed to become confident in your coaching role. All Total Farmer Health Coaches are expected to complete a 20 credit hour course regardless of prior experience. Throughout the Total Farmer Health Coach experience, Coaches will receive support and continuing education from AgriSafe staff.

What’s in the Total Farmer Health Coach toolbox?

  • Evidence-based research resources to address specific topics as related to agriculture health and safety disparities.
  • Public media campaigns designed to be shared via a multitude of platforms regarding current health issues in rural communities.
  • Training curriculums including completed Power Point presentations, and downloadable resources to educate the agricultural workforce.

What’s the earning potential for a Total Farmer Health Coach?

A comprehensive fee for deliverables has been carefully designed to reimburse coaches for work completed. See the fee schedule for more information about pay. Coaches are given flexibility to work as their schedules allow.