State/Province Affiliates provide leadership in the development of AgriSafe services in their state or province and are formed based on the same mission and vision of the AgriSafe Network.  State/Province Affiliates benefit from the following:

  • Membership coverage for 5-8 staff 
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Technical support
  • Affiliate resources
  • Educational materials
  • Customized Ag HRA tool
  • Marketing benefits
  • Screening instruments  
  • Customized AgriSafe logo
  • Dedicated webpages
State/Province Affiliate Membership Explanation of Dues                                                               

AgriSafe created a tiered dues structure for State/Province Affiliate memberships. Our Affiliate membership dues structure is based on the organizations operating budget in the field of agricultural health and safety.

 Affiliate Membership Dues Structure    

 Membership Cost





   Organization’s Operating Budget     

up to $49,999



$250,000 and over

        # of Staff Covered 





 *Affiliate’s can add on additional staff under their membership for $50 per additional person/staff

How to become a State or Province Affiliate 

In order to be considered for an Affiliate membership  your organization must meet the criteria by one or more of the following:

  • Non-profit organization that has formed a task force or consortium to improve the health and status of ag community
  • An organization /academic institution that has trained rural health professionals in the field of ag health and safety
  • An organization or academic institution that has worked to develop AgriSafe clinical services through a statewide initiative
  • An established org /academic institution that is focused in the field of ag health and safety such as a land grant institution
  • An org /academic institution that trains rural health scholars
  • A school of nursing or medicine where one or more faculty members are experienced in the field of ag health and safety
  • A state or province rural health association committed to the field.

Common expectation- Affiliates must be able to serve the entire state or province. Only one affiliate will be recognized per state or province.  

If you meet the criteria and are interested in becoming a State or Province Affiliate member, please contact AgriSafe's Executive Director, Natalie Roy: phone: 985-845-1116 or email: [email protected]