Proactive and Reactive Society: Focus on Rural Mental Health

Stress and anxiety over things we have no control over can overwhelm us to the point where we have no energy left to focus on the things we do have control over. Being 5% healthier may not seem like much of an improvement however, it’s still better than the alternative which is no improvement. That often times turns into a worse-case scenario. Ted will emphasize simple tools to help break the stagnant cycle and how to strengthen family bonds during times of crisis.

Rural healthcare providers and safety professionals have an important role to play in supporting people experiencing stress or mental health challenges. Come listen as Ted Matthews talks about what we can do to be proactive and prepare ahead of crisis. Ted understands the demands farmers face because he counsels farmers in a plethora of areas from crisis intervention to helping farmers relate to their families and workers to better utilize their resources.  If you’re a rural health professional looking to integrate mental health counseling in your care, take time to listen to Ted’s experiences.  He will help you rethink your approach to providing mental health support.

This webinar is supported in part by:

Federal Office of Rural Health Policy



Categories: Mental Health, Women
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