Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE for Agricultural Producers
This presentation on Personal Protection Equipment for Agricultural Producers is designed for workers and management personnel in production agriculture. It can be designed with a focus on the family farm and ranch population, small agriculture business or larger work forces in the industry. Participants will increase their knowledge and awareness of:
  • Appropriate NIOSH approved eye and face protection
  • Appropriate NIOSH approved respiratory protection
  • Appropriate NIOSH approved hearing protection
  • Appropriate hand and foot protection
  • Skin safety and skin cancer prevention
  • Storage of personal protection equipment
  • Cholinesterase testing protocol.



PPE Specific for Chemical Exposure
This program addresses appropriate protective measures to be implemented when working with the multiple agricultural chemicals. The intended audience includes workers in production agriculture with potential exposure  to chemicals, ag business owners and managers, nursery operators, and family farm and ranch operators. It has also been designed for health care professionals working in rural or agricultural communities.
At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Increase an understanding of the revised Hazard Communication Standard
  • Differentiate between OSHA and the EPA and locate their resources
  • Identify aspects of appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Review examples of some common agricultural chemicals
  • Locate product labels that will assist in selection of appropriate protective wear
  • This program is a recommended companion to the Respirator Selection presentation. 
  • Chemical Safety is a collaboration with The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS)



Respiratory Selection for Agricultural Producers

Providing adequate protection from the multiple respiratory hazards in production agriculture can be a difficult process. The Selection of Respiratory Protective Equipment program will help clarify that process and remove some of the guess work. This presentation can be tailored to the needs of agricultural workers, managers and business owners, as well as health care professionals. The program will:

  • Present an overview of agricultural respiratory exposures
  • Discuss the various types of respiratory protection
  • Discuss respiratory protection for specific hazards (examples – grain, cotton, hog, cattle, poultry, etc.).
  • Present reliable resources such as NIOSH labeling, OSHA resources, and the AgriSafe Respirator Selection Guide.
  • Companion programs to the PPE Selection program and Grain Safety series programs.
  • The Respiratory Selection for Agricultural Producers is a Pre-Requisite for the Train the Trainer : Respirator Selection webinar.