Sarah Dauterive, MLIS

Program focus: Technical Developer for Learning Platform

Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 10:47 am

Web Technologies Librarian, AgriSafe Network


As the AgriSafe Network Web Technologies Librarian, Sarah works to connect the AgriSafe community with quality information on agricultural health and safety. Through the AgriSafe Health Hub, agricultural workers and those that serve their health needs can access health and safety information both created by AgriSafe and curated by the professionals on the AgriSafe staff. Information is created around the Total Farmer Health model, which is a holistic way to approach health and safety. AgriSafe focuses not just on the occupational hazards of agriculture work, but also on the financial, mental, and physical health of workers. Her decade’s worth of experience in connecting people to information through web design, information literacy instruction, and creating accessible content is valuable in this work. She aims to provide access to information for all that is quality and easy to use.