Respiratory Health

People working in the agricultural industry are exposed to a variety of materials that are potentially harmful to their respiratory system.

alt    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
The right personal protective equipment for the job is essential. Learn more about how to protect your lungs and what PPE is recommended for your work.

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)
The WPS was created to protect people working around pesticides. Recent changes to the WPS increase protections for people working in agriculture.



Air Quality Monitoring
Learn more about monitoring air quality in confined spaces.

                   Respirator Medical Evaluation
Medical evaluations before using a respirator may be required. Find out more about who needs a medical evaluation and where you can get one.

Respirator Fit Testing Information
Respirators only protect you if they are being used correctly. A fit test can help you determine if the respirator works for you. Find out more about fit testing and what requirements need to be met.