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NYCAMH Webinar: Sharing the Cost of Safety - The NYCAMH John May Farm Safety Fund
Monday, July 16, 2018, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT
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This webinar is sponsored by the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health with funding from the NYS Department of Labor and the NY Department of Health.

Presenter: Alissa Kent and Anna Meyerhoff 
New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health


Named in honor of NYCAMH’s co founder, the John May Farm Safety Fund provides financial assistance to New York farmers who need help making on-site safety improvements. This type of assistance fills a gap in services for small to midsize farms, where slim profit margins often make it difficult to do more than what is needed to keep the farm running every day. This is a cost sharing program which reimburses 50% of the project expenditures up to a maximum award of $5000. 

NYCAMH launched the program in December 2015. As of today we have approved 40 applications with the total amount awarded being over $146,000. Updated numbers will be discussed in the presentation. There have been a variety of projects approved, including proposals for electrical repairs, hand rails, lighting improvements, and animal handling equipment. Participants frequently indicate that the walkthrough component of the program has been very helpful in increasing their awareness of safety issues. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to: 

1.       Gain an understanding of NYCAMH’s (New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health) mission and activities.
2.       Learn the history and need for the John May Farm Safety Fund.
3.       Understand what types of projects are requested and funded
4.       Become familiar with the application process and farm eligibility requirements.

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