Safe and Healthy Recovery after Flooding

AgriSafe Network advises caution during flood recovery. Floodwater can be contaminated by pollutants including sewage, human and animal feces, pesticides and insecticides, fertilizers, oil, asbestos, rusting building materials, and others. Although public attention is focused on property loss caused by floods, protecting your own health is more important.

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Webinar: Safe and Healthy Recovery after Farm Floods

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PPE for a Purpose

Interested in helping farmers impacted by flooding or other natural disasters? Donate thru AgriSafe.  All donations will go toward supplying farmers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to help them stay healthy after a flood or other natural disaster.  

Resources for Health Concerns after a Flood

Zoonotic Diseases

Well Water 

Chemicals and Pesticides

Animal Disposal

Stress and Mental Health

Heat Stress and Heat Related Illnesses

Additional Resources

Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing for Flood Cleanup Workers - CDC

Returning to a Farm After a Flood

Flood Recovery Checklists for Farmsteads