EPA Worker Protection Standard

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Worker Protection Standard (WPS) have been revised. It is important to continue to monitor EPA information for updates. Visit their website here...

EPA Worker Protection Standard Guidance


How to Comply with the Revised Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticides

The EPA developed this manual to help you comply with the requirements of the federal WPS for agricultural pesticides. (please note the change in implementation date)

  • Respirators - Requirements & Recordkeeping: Chapter 4, page 68

  • Medical Evaluation: Chapter 4, page 69

  • Exemptions for owners of agricultural establishments: Chapter 6, pages 90-91

 neb wps

  Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Establishments 

Nebraska Extension, EC3006 Index: Issued November 2016

This publication describes the federal Worker Protection Standard (revised 2015) to help owners or operators of agriculture operations determine if it applies to their business and provide information on how to comply. Key components of the revised standard are outlined including WPS labeling, basic duties of employers,requirements of agricultural owners and exemptions for agricultural owners and immediate family members. 

Information about the WPS and respirator use

When there is a requirement for a medical evaluation and respirator fit test when using WPS labeled products where the label “requires the use of a respirator" then this includes particulate filtering facepiece respirators (formally known as dust/mist respirators) and cartridge respirators.

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       Filtering Facepiece Respirators                                                      Cartridge Respirators