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AgriSafe is proud to share an established library of webinars. Titles of the webinars are listed below.

The webinars in this box are free and open to the public:


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Aging Farmers

The agricultural workforce is aging and the risks for older farmers deserve special consideration. 
  • Prevention & Management of Arthritis Among Older Farmers
  • Mental Health and Aging Farmers
  • "This is my world”: Perspectives of senior farmers and their families on risk and behavior

Behavioral Mental Health

Learn about how behavioral health issues impact rural people and communities.
  • Integration of Behavioral Health with Agricultural Health Care
  • Helping Agricultural Producers and Other Rural People Manage Stress Using Online Dealing with Stress Workshops
  • Mental Health and Aging Farmers     

Confined Space Safety & Grain Safety

  • Manure Pit Foaming
  • Staying Safe Around Manure Storages
  • Manure Pit Entry (NECAS)*
  • Grain Bin Entry (NECAS)*
  • Prevention of Dust Fires & Explosions (NECAS)*


Agricultural work requires movement and can cause issues among those performing the work. Take a look through these webinars on topics in:
  • Prevention of Farm Related Injuries from Listing, Twisting and Turning
  • Ergonomics: Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention
  • Ergonomics Issues in Dairy Production
  • Ergonomics*

 Farm Machinery & Tractor Safety  

  • Rural Roadway Safety
  • Collisions Between Motor Vehicles and Farm Equipment on Rural Roadways
  • Whole System in a Room: National Tractor Safety Initiative

 Farmer/Worker Health

 Find out more about health and safety issues unique to farm workers. 
  • Health Disparities of Immigrant Workers in Agriculture
  • Promoting Total Worker Health
  • Don't Get Stuck! Preventing Needlestick Injuries in Agricultural Settings
  • Physical Assessments - Wellness Programs for Small Ag Businesses
  • Nebraska Farmworker Health Study: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Worker Trust and Safety in the Agricultural Workplace
  • Engaging Hired Farmworkers in Agricultural Health Research
  • Protecting the People who Feed America
  • Lyme Disease: A Springtime Review of Prevention, Diagnosis,and Treatment Recommendations          

 Youth Safety and Health

Children and youth are present at the agricultural worksite. Learn the risks and how to keep them safe when working or playing.

 Health Education & Promotion

  • The Saskatchewan Farm Injury Cohort: Lessons learned from eight years of collaboration 
  • Public Health Principles and Health Literacy: Developing a health literacy curriculum for cancer care providers
  • Social Media: Content Rules
  • FReSH: The New Frontier for Ag Safety and Health Resources
  • Using Social Marketing to Address Motivators and Barriers to Agricultural Safety and Health Best Practices
  • Latest Findings from the Agricultural Health Study
  • How Sweet It Is: Addressing Diabetes in a Rural Health Setting


  • Increasing the Use of Hearing Protection Among Farmers: Research on best practices
  • Hearing Conservation Program Adapted to Agriculture *

Heat Illness & Stress

  • Planning Your Heat Stress Prevention Program
  • Prevention of Heat Related Illnesses to Agriculture*


NIOSH Agricultural Center & Partner Presentations

  • Feedyard Worker Safety: Stakeholder recommendations for improvement
  • Establishing a Low-Cost Surveillance System for Agricultural and Logging Injury in the Northeast
  • Southwest Ag Center: Building Strategic Partners for Success
  • Update from the Southeast Ag Center- Latino Worker Health & ATV Use in Kentucky
  • HICAHS: A Stakeholder Driven Approach to Health and Safety on Dairies
  • ASHCA Goals and Objectives
  • AgriSafe of North Carolina: Discovering and Implementing Opportunities for Expansion 

Pesticide & Chemical Safety

  • Chemical Safety*
  • Cholinesterase Monitoring*
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Cholinesterase Monitoring for Health Professionals (MCN)

Personal Protective Equipment

  • PPE for Agricultural Producers*
  • PPE Specific for Chemical Exposure*
  • Respirator Selection for Agricultural Producers*

OSHA Standards

  • Understanding OSHA'S Agricultural Exemptions & Standards*

Respiratory Health Adapted to Agriculture

  • Respirator Program Adapted to Agriculture*
  • Respirator Selection for Agricultural Producers*

Woman's Health

  • Women in Agricultural Work: Are they different?
  • Prevention Strategies to Protect Women Working in Agriculture*

Zoonotic Diseases

  • Prevention of Zoonotic Diseases in Agriculture
  • Agritourism; The Next Frontier in Agriculture


If you are interested in partnering with AgriSafe to instruct a webinar, please contact Stacey Jenkins ( for more information.

We are grateful for past collaboration with the NIOSH Ag Centers, the National Farm Medicine Center/National Children’s Center, as well as staff and faculty from universities, departments of health, and hospitals and clinics from across the country. We are stronger because of your partnership.  We greatly appreciate all who have volunteered their time and knowledge to present educational webinars.