What We Do | Corporate Partnership

AgriSafe Corporate Sponsorship Philosophy

AgriSafe has created a corporate sponsorship program that improves agribusiness' relationship with farmers and ranchers. Our sponsorships are translated into customized corporate partnerships which develop over time. We recognize that corporations are driven to success by strategic alliances. AgriSafe’s success is also facilitated through alliances that are strategic and symbiotic in nature. Therefore, we focus on understanding the philosophy of corporations, their prior history of giving and commitment to social good.
Listed below are three main types of sponsorship AgriSafe pursues:


Official Corporate Sponsor

Corporate sponsors benefit from national exposure and being the unique company representing their industry. AgriSafe is able to showcase official corporate sponsors through our media impact, website and direct contact with farmers and ranchers.  This sponsorship level is set at a minimum of $100,000 a year or $240,000 over three years.


Program Signature Sponsor

AgriSafe conducts a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the health of farmers and ranchers. Companies interested in being a program signature sponsor, benefit from being recognized as the sole sponsor of a unique program. Signature sponsors are encouraged to help design and launch programs that they fund. Signature sponsors benefit from the exposure as the single sponsor of an impactful initiative.


Product or Service Sponsor


AgriSafe promotes products and services that can impact the health of farmers and ranchers. To be an eligible product or service sponsor, AgriSafe must determine that your product/service can improve the health of farmers and ranchers. Product sponsors benefit from product placement opportunities, website exposure and media promotion.

To explore options for sponsoring AgriSafe initiatives, please contact Natalie Roy, AgriSafe Executive Director,
at nroy@agrisafe.org or by phone at 240-291-2918